Melbourne, Victoria

On April 24th 2014 I made a purchase for a petite, 100% human hair wig from Wigsbuy. The Petite was important as I have a small head. On 11th May, having heard nothing I asked through PayPal for a cancellation of the order. Magically, the next day I got a tracking no. and the wig was delivered through DHL. It was huge - not petite but an average/large size and made from synthetic material. The label was still attached to the OUTSIDE of the wig saying it was "Acrilico" (acrylic) from Mexico. The wig lay on my head like a pancake in lumps. The fringe was jagged like a vaudeville clown's. I began a dispute for a full refund through PayPal. I got some emails from Wigsbuy saying they would give me a small discount. I replied only that I was continuing through PayPal. Wigsbuy told PayPal they would give me $35 discount: I refused. PayPal awarded me a full refund, and gave me Wigsbuy's address in China but had put the wrong postcode, so I used the Seller's invoice address. PayPal asked for proof of the post transaction and I sent it via fax as I don't have a way of taking photos. This was refused by PayPal as they said they couldn't read it, and they closed the case against me within a short time of receiving it. Devastated, I phoned PayPal, said I would get a photo of my postal transaction form, and my son came over and took a good one. To their credit, they re-opened the case. The parcel reached Ghangzhou in 3 days from Tasmania, and then DISAPPEARED for 2 weeks, even though it needed a signature upon delivery. Of course, I had my suspicions. Then I got an email from Wigsbuy saying that as the item had been received, if I CLOSED MY CLAIM WITH PAYPAL THEY WOULD GIVE ME THE FULL REFUND. I sent a copy of this email to PayPal, who prevaricated, saying that I hadn't given the right address on the parcel. I pointed out that PayPal hadn't given me the right postcode, and that the wig had arrived anyway, but at first they were adamant that it wasn't enough. I got angry, was on the phone for nearly an hour with them when they relented and gave me a full refund. Ironically, the value of the wig on the Seller's invoice said $19.90.

I give the full story to demonstrate there are pitfalls once you get into a transaction, even through PayPal. I would not have bought this item if I had known it was from China. I will never buy a wig through the internet again and will never be fully comfortable with PayPal again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigsbuy Wig.

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