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I purchased a blond wig that was on sale at 40$. The wig I received did not look anything near the one I ordered.

It was way too long, no curls, a different color. A total DISASTER! I wanted my money back, as the purchase was a waste of money! The shipping costs from my country were higher then the wig itself, so I deceided not to return the wig, but I did offer to cut it into pieces and send a picture of the wig destroyed.They came back to me wanting to give me a refund of 10$(??)?

The customer service suggested to use HAIR SPRAY(??) to fix the wig(?!) with. Honestly, they know nothing about running a serious business! I have shown my wig to all my girlfriends worning them not to deal with the scammers. To all of you out there wanting to place an order from Wigsbuy - DO NOT!

There are far more serious online companys to do business with. Once again, think twice before you get impressed by the pictures on their website. The real product is a different story and I am happy I did not order a human hair wig of the same style at $400!

SHAME on Wigsbuy!!! See pictures attached.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigsbuy Wig.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wigsbuy Cons: Refusal to refund, Wig i received was not the wig i ordered.

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OH Good for you I love it!!!


That's A list actress Charlize Theron in the picture. She is not wearing a wig and I can promise you, she hasn't given permission for her image and likeness to be used to sell wigs.


Right! Why can't these buffoons figure scams like this out?


So, let me get this straight. You are mad at the company for providing a fake image of a product you intended to use to present a fake image of yourself?


Hair doesn't make the person and wearing a wig doesn't make you fake. Don't be a ***.


If hair does not make the person, why wear a wig? LOL.

BTW...why can't you see that the advertised woman is not wearing a wig?


Do you wear make-up? If you are a man do you shave?

Do you get haircuts? Do you wash? All of the things I mentioned present a "fake image" -- why are you judging Oslo, Oslo about presenting a "fake image" of themselves? What if she has cancer and just wants a wig?

No, it is not too smart to buy a product that had a celebrity photo that is clearly not a spokesperson for the product, but buying a wig is a personal choice that can make a person feel better about themselves, no need to be an *** and accuse the OP of presenting a fake image.


How long did it take you to analyze my post? Your sarcastic comment tells me more about yourself than anything else.

Next time, I suggest you think twice before posting any of your thoughts.

The reason I ordered the wig should not be your bussiness whatsoever. In serious bussiness dealings, you deliver what you promise - does this ring the bell?Perhaps?

Why cant'n you think with your full deck?