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Update by user Jun 23, 2017

Wigsbuy refunded my method of payment in full. I offered to send back the wig and free gifts if they provide me with a return address which I am still waiting on.

If they send me that, I will send the wig and free gifts Certified to make sure they get it.

I have also taken pictures of the wig in the box with the free gifts and I have taken a video of me repacking the wig so they can see it left my house in the condition I received it. I am very satisfied with how this all turned out.

Original review posted by user Jun 15, 2017

I ordered a Monofilament Top wig, the blond one often pictured in their ads with the gal wearing the red headband looking thing just around her neck, but in a dark brown with red highlights. I received the right colored wig but NO Monofilament Top!

Of course when I contacted them, they wanted pictures. So I sent them pictures. (You can send pics through the review section on their web site, but only two!). They monitor that section very closely as I found out!

Good and bad reviews are removed almost immediately after they are posted. I ordered two items and left a decent review for the second item, but guess it was not good enough to their liking because they removed it! The pictures I posted are the pictures of the wig I ordered, the inside of the wig showing that there is no Monofilament Top. And then me trying to part the hair like the picture shows and me holding the bangs over to the side...NOT possible because you see the sewing of the wefting.

(Picture will only rotate once so it is sideways because of that. It posted upside down! I rotated once and got this lovey effect! The last picture is a side view of the wig and the best I could get it to look, which isn't that bad, but nothing like the picture they advertise and not something I want!

Wigsbuy said they will send me a new wig if I send this wig back first and they quoted here saying..."We ask you pay $40 because only the resending postage is about $30 for the shipping way we used. And in this way, you can get two wigs. ". Now how do they figure I will get two wigs if I am sending one back?

Just scammers, that is why! And do I Really Think they are going to send me a wig after I send them $40 on shipping that costs $30. And then I have to pay shipping the wig they gave me BACK to them! They are a joke.

I paid by credit card so I will try to get a refund from them plus report them to the BBB in hopes they may do something but this is the mess you deal with when you deal with Scammers. People who leave good reviews and had good luck with them just got lucky. But us that got scammed hurt and are angry. Those dollars we spent did not fall out of the sky and fall into our pockets.

We feel violated, robbed! And we have been! Companies like this need to be shut down, but HOW!? That is why they get away with what they are doing.

I have a family member who works for the FBI in Ciber crime and even she deals with this everyday and it overwhelms her! Computer crime is a federal crime and this one is out of country so even harder to stop! They make the wigs and do the majority of the business in A foreign country, then ship to a warehouse type "business" here on the states to be shipped out from there. Look at all the mailing labels on the packages we get from Wigsbuy, no address or name of a business!

I counted three labels. All from different locations and only two I could actually read in English! We that did not get what we paid for feel like we got scammed because of the way we are getting treated by customer service, IF we get that far, I luckily did! Our hands are tied and they know it.

They string us along for seven days, then we are forgotten about. Today is my day seven! They send their emails to me around 2am.

We shall see what happens. Good luck if you were ripped off and Congratulations if you were one of the lucky ones!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigsbuy Wig.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $88.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Wigsbuy Pros: Wig they showed with monofilament top, Deceptive website, Fake wigs they send to customer, Wig they showed.

Wigsbuy Cons: Wig they sent me.

  • Wigsbuy Bad Company
  • Poor Quality Wig
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susan2015camaro..Do not settle with them until you get what you want. What they are doing is illegal.

They need to be responsible for a total refund not a partial refund. Battle to the end until you get what you want. In my case I ordered a Monofilament Top wig and that is NOT what I got. There was not one inch of Monofilament on that wig.

I asked for a refund or the right wig! After a long battle they finally gave me a total refund and told me to keep the wig. I refused every offer they gave me that did not meet my expectations. The color and style was not the issue...

it was the Monofilament Top issue. I did NOT get what was advertised. I teach financial management classes and one of the classes we teach is on dealing with issues like this. It is called BUYER BEWARE and we are taught what to do in situations like this.

This is a company out of China, but the rules still apply, because they are selling to the American Public. I did more homework and even went to our leaders who helped up teach the class for what to do. We had the right to go after them legally IF I wanted to do that. What they are doing is cyber crime and the FBI deals with that, and they are located out of NY City.

They do have a file on them and they are being watched for criminal activity and someday they will be stopped but probably not by you or me. We are just the little people. Another thing they are doing is sending things as GIFTS from their country, which obviously they are not GIFTS! We paid for those items and they are registering them as gifts to get cheaper shipping costs.

That is what is going to get them in trouble. Keep all of your paper work that came with your wig and if you still have it, look at it and see if I am not right. Do what your heart tells you to do but I wouldn't go down easy. Answer all of their e mails with your honest feelings and don't get mad.

Mad gets you no where. We learn from our mistakes and this taught me a LOT! I eventually did get my money back and have tried to give the wig to my friends who wear wigs but they are seeing the problems I saw with it too with the lace front being only approx one inch after it would be cut, then the hair starts. The only way to style this wig is to pull all of the "bangs" all the way back and wear as if you have no bangs but then the lace front is so poorly done it looks like hair plugs!

:). Maybe with a hat or headband to cover up the lace it could be worn that way but it sure is NOT the wig they advertised! There is no way you can part it because there is a big hole between the lace that they attach the wefts of hair to. Anyway, just keep telling them what you want and hopefully they will eventually listen to you.

Keep me posted. Good luck.

VirtualTawny Owl

I am having issues with them too. I only wish I had known before I ordered. I am tired of trying to fight with people like this........it's a crime.


same with yourwigs.com. fighting them now dont know why these companies get away with this my loss was 251.00.

told me wig was ruined by packaging and blamed me i didnt pack the dam thing. offered me 20.00 back.

NO I WANT 251.00 BACK. these companies need to be shut down.


Why would you mail order hair and expect anything but this or worse ?

Seek out and be willing to pay an actual hair replacement specialist .

Do it in person. You"ll be much happier with the results.


Some ppl live in remote area’s if i could get to a real person oh boy i would certainly buy wigs that way .


Hi,So sorry to hear that you had some problems about your order, could you please let me know your order number at reviews@wigsbuy.com so that I could help you? Thank you.


My order number for this wig is1063346. Advertised as "Perfect Carefree Celebrity Hairstyle Short Straight Monofilament Top Wig.

There is NO Monofilament Top Nd the way it is mad, you can see the first row of stitching behind the bangs where the top of the hair starts. Just NOT exceptable. I am NOT going to return this wig until I get the right wig sent to me. I hear you send the wig back to them and then they say they never get it.

I won't let that happen! And I do not feel it is right that they want me to pay the shipping on a wig that they want to send me since they offer free shipping on all of their wigs.

I will gladly pay the shipping to return this wig they sent that is wrong, once I receive the right wig. I feel this is the only leverage I have against a company as bad as this one.

Sandie Salazar

@Sandie Salazar

I live in a smaller town and we have no place in our city that sales wigs. Not a place you can go in and try on, only places you can order from catalogs and those are so expensive.

I have a ,edical condition and the condition and the Medes I am taking are causing my hair to greatly thin out. I have ordered wigs from other companies with good results but none with the Monofilament Top that I have been looking for in a style and color anywhere close to what I liked. This one looked like something I could work with, especially since it had the Monofilament Top...or advertised that it did, but didn't when I got it. I felt they either sent me the wrong wig or they were doing some false advertising.

Either way, I did NOT get what I ordered or paid for. The nearest store that actually sells wigs that you can go in and try on is a two hour drive from our home, one way. I hope this answers your question. I am also pretty much home bound with a previously crushed vertebrae and I stay pretty much close to home and a four hour car ride is just too much for my back pain.

Thank you for your question and I understand it completely. It is the idea solution under the idea situations.