I paid $174.00 for a wig that look nothing like the picture on their web page. It looked like a $20.00 costume bush wig,,,uncut,, uncombable,,couldn't possibly be natural hair.

There was even a yellow string hanging out the hair and the lace was terrrrrrible,along with sparse hair in numerous spots in the wig. I can not beleive that they have Facebook space.

I took pictures after I sent them a email message complaining about the product. Today, I tried to send the pictures,but unable to obtain the web site.The requested URL "www.wigsbuy.com" cannot be found or is not available".

My order No. 108129 with WigsBuy.com

Review about: Wigsbuy Wig.

Monetary Loss: $174.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #769199

i buy a human hair wig from www.ebuywigs.com,very good

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #769197

cheap wig on sale at reasonable


No one should ever buy from any Asian companies, they are all frauds! I order two different monotop capless human hair wigs, I got two of the same wigs, no mono top not capless!

I paid $301.95 total for both ! They also kept asking for pictures! I sent them, clearly showing they weren't what I ordered. They told me they were what I ordered!

I put in a dispute with Paypal because I purchased them using paypal as a payment method. They put in an offer for $70.

I of course refused the offer! I wish I knew about this site to

Read the complaints before I purchased from them!

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