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I purchased two human hair wigs on line from this company that advertises celebrity "hair -styled" wigs. I was aghast upon my receipt of these products after about a 4 week wait for delivery.

I immediately complained to a customer services representative name Leanne who asked me to send pictures then proceeded to conclude that all I needed to do was brush the wigs and use hairspray. I informed this young lady that I would be contacting the BBB as well as entering a negative comment on their website. Leanne pleaded with me in several emails not to make a complaint and not to post any pictures and in turn if I retuned the wigs the company would reimburse me. These email exchanges have been going on for several weeks.

I used pay-pal and will use them as an avenue to put heat on this company. Please see pictures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigsbuy Wig.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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Paypal did not help me but the bank did, arm yourself with as much evidence of this corrupt company!!!Wigs , RATS more like!!


With all these complaints I think this company should be *** of the website because they are just conning people I have sent loads of e.mails but they have ignored all of them. They need shutting down. E Coplen


They will never return your money. Com artists, liars and thieves at Wigsbuy.

The BBB can't do much as they do not advise people they are in China Try the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center which you can find by a simple google. Since there are hundreds of victims of the Wigsbuy scamsters, the more complaints filed may encourage an investigation which will help shut these people down.


Wigsbuy? I thought this site was "" This must be a bait and switch outfit.

I got a catalog with wigs on sale for $29.99.

Inside the cover it said there were more wigs at their website.

When I got to this site, all wigs were in the hundreds of dollars. Circular file this catalog!!


Thank you for your honesty and pictures, I have had several bad wigs and human hair purchases online and find the pictures are very useful. I will not waste my hard earned money on this company. Thanks


These Chinese companies are a bloody menace. They pretend they are based in either the uk or usa and

sell you a shoddy product.

The photos are ripped off other websites, they then make your wig for pennies and send you a cheap copy. When you are dissatisfied they do their best to be as obstinate and unhelpful as possible. With a smile. PLEASE take my advice if you don't take anything else away from this page, the companies in china are a complete rip off.

Boycott all Chinese products until the law changes because they can basically get away with murder.

I have a similar review on this website about PROWIGS. Worst investment I ever made.


I used paypal for my purchase with them but paypal would not favorite to my side because they are not a know paypal company. I think it is because they are out of the US.

I was very angry. I have been contacting them constantly through email but nothing has been done. I had to send pictures also. I took it to get restyled and it cost me $35.

They offered me $12 to stop the complaints.

Won't do it.


I suspect your cheapness is where the blame belongs here.. That and you seem kind of angry at the world. It's no coincidence that your personality type is over five times as likely to experience "horrible customer service" than normal, healthy non-whiny customers.


Well, those are the celeb hairstyles...when they wake up. They have to comb out their hair and use hairspray too to make them look like that..

Even celebs that wear wigs have to actually style the wigs.


Glad I read this! Ive sent several emails asking questions, with no reply.

They are in China according to Sprint Intl dept. They will not be getting my business.


Im glad I read your complaint before ordering any merchandise. I was going to order the mens curley wig but, not Im not now. Anyway, Ive always been sceptical about ordering merchandise from websites in different countries, and from websites that dont readily give out their phone number.


They will only give you back your shipping and soon they will start threatening you with things like it will take a very long time to get your refund and return shipping will cost you more than the original cost. The photos they show are of wigs in other catalogs and what you get is a piece of unwearable garbage.

They also insisted that I send photos and for weeks kept saying they didn't receive them.

PayPal pretty much said take what you can get and let it go. I lost $120 on this deal AFTER my refund.


Paypal will refund your total amount if you file complaint immediately, what happened there. Paypal will refund you and take the money out of their cheating company. Sorry that happened to you…


paypal denied my refund because they are not a registered paypal company I was out of luck with that.