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This is the messagei sent this god awful company!........sorry to those who have been completely ripped off......This has to be a joke. So after waiting 1 month apx to get my so called human hair wig to be made I get sent a wig that must have cost about 5 pounds to make.

I payed almost 100 for it. IT'S NOT HUMAN HAIR, you have lied and taken my money and sent me a wig that is not the same as the one I had ordered it's not the same colour or stay. It's shiny ....thus means it's not human hair I do hair extensions for a living, I know the difference trust me. You art even in the UK!

I've read all the reviews online his company is a scam and this is fraud. Ou may think you can just ignore my message like you have to hundreds others, but if I don't get a refund I will take all the appropriate steps to ensure that this diabolical company can no longer distribute its products. I shall notify PayPal too. I want my money back and when it is back in my bank you can have this dreadful wig back.

I will not be leaving feedback nor will recommend this company to anyone.

Mos of your costomers have alapesha or have lost their hair due to cancer treatment! You should be ashamed exploiting people who are already facing hardships it's utterly disgusting.

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Please save your money - do not order a wig from this company

I waited a month for this wig to arrive and had planned on wearing it to an event, needless to say it didn't come on time for the event. When I finally received the package from CHINA upon inspection I discovered this was a poor poor quality $175 Halloween wig.

After 3 emails I still have not been given any authorization to return this wig.

I have put in a claim to my credit card company, hopefully they will help me get a refund.

Very unsatisfied.

to Anonymous #1069704

So may bad reviews. How can they keep getting away with this.

It's blaitent fraud. I've seen comments that even PayPal won't do anything about it. I will seriously do all I can to stop this. I had a reply and all it was, was to take a pic of the wig.

I told them I've seen their reviews and I'm bloody wise to there game. I hope you get your money back x

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